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Author of “Drink Like a Bartender”: rated one of the ‘Best Booze Books of 2017’ by “Forbes Magazine”, Published Poet + Attempted Novelist []

A poet in transition, now and always.

I don’t like living the same day twice, I don’t like feeling stagnant. If I’m not growing, I’m not happy. It has made for an interesting 34 years. It also made this last year complete torture.

My journey as a writer began young. I always felt the need to write things down; I saw time moving quickly around me and knew that if I didn’t keep a record, somewhere down the line, memories would be lost. I envisioned someone finding my journals of poems in 100 years and being able to piece together…



There was, and had always been, a curse.

This relationship was just another casualty of it. I knew that, I had felt it for weeks. Our time was running it out, as it always did. And here we were, sitting on the couch, a blackberry pie we’d just baked together cooling in the kitchen.

My boyfriend Will sat next to me, tears streaming down his face while he waffled between anger and sorrow. I’d stopped listening to his disorganized rambling. Instead I tried to memorize the pores on his nose, the stray hairs between his eyebrows. …

Gone before dawn, you are gone
before dawn every morning. You:
out on water with someone who isn’t me
while I sleep — restless in your absence.

Growing up, my father left with the sun
and the seasons. I always knew I’d never love anyone
who wore a suit because of him:
clothes and hands muddied with the dirt of his farm.

I accept the 9 to 5 bores me, I accept
it is my choice to be here, to choose you. …

This year is different

In the past I took Valentine’s Days as they came: some years I celebrated with my hubby, some years I worked. I used to be in hospitality. I liked to get dressed up and spread the loving energy of the holiday, to help couples enjoy their evenings. I never put much pressure on the day itself, but took any gestures of love with appreciation, from whoever chose to give them to me.

I never saw anything wrong with celebrating Valentine’s Day, because to me the love came from everywhere. It was hardly ever focused on a boyfriend.

One of my…

As the beloved, feared, revered, and hated holiday approaches, singles and couples around the world face a new challenge in 2021.

Last year, all we had to worry about on Valentine’s Day was remembering to wear a condom, get a card, or stay the heck away from other people all day. This year, we need to remember there is a deadly virus to consider. Yes that’s right, something that’s worse than syphilis. (Cured with antibiotics folks, get tested.)

COVID is the micro-elephant in the room. It has added a new twist to everyone putting themselves out there in the dating…

Grandpa was dead. This was something I would have to get used to.

When the services were over, it was the time for family and close friends to gather and console one another. I had never been to a memorial, I’d never lost anyone so close to me. I felt nauseous and dizzy, without appetite or thirst. My grandpa had been gone for only seven days and I missed him. I missed him a lot.

I had stopped fighting tears and stood in my aunt and uncle’s kitchen, trying to hide in plain sight. Every time I’d wandered off to…

I have always had vivid dreams. I am usually able to remember them and dissect them, I used to write them down as soon as I woke up. Now, I don’t need to. They stick with me throughout my days.

Often, I have lucid dreams and when I’m not lucid, I am usually able to take control and make them so. I have had dreams predicting friends’ pregnancies, I have had dreams predicting events that happen later in my week. My period has been irregular since I was fifteen but I often dream I get my period the night before…

I began this article before the reboot was announced.

Quarantine has revitalized some old favorite movies and shows for me. I recently rewatched Dexter, Death Becomes Her, even revisiting Scrubs a time or two. My most recent delve into nostalgic shows was Sex and the City. Yes, Sex and the City: the show that impacted what it is to be a woman in a modern world more than a fictional show ever should.

I am a thirty-four-year-old woman rewatching a show that’s more than twenty years old. Furthermore, I am the same age as at least three of the main…

I’m glad I got to be surprised

I am thirty-four years old and just moved in with my boyfriend under a year, four months ago. That’s right, we started dating in February 2020, made it official in March, and quarantined (it was supposed to be a month!) together until June. See this article about our (thus far) love story. By August, we had signed a lease and moved in just the two of us, my cat, and his dog.

I have never lived with a significant other before, but I had dated enough to know that it was different when I met Todd. Todd was emotionally available…

I have been looking for a full-time job since April.

I have applied to roughly two jobs a day in three different states and two countries. I have written three different resumes and dozens of cover letters. I have been in the work force for more than a decade with seven years of management experience, I have a Masters degree, I am a published author. I am trying to find a job in Writing or Social Media. My degrees are in English, Literature and Writing and I have eight years of Social Media Management experience.

I cannot get a job…

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